We help cryptocurrency businesses from China to enter the Russian market. In addition, we publish articles about your business in the media of Russia and other countries.

We use useful marketing tools to introduce the audience to the crypto project and attract investors. They will help promote the brand in a new country, build a trusting relationship with the client, and, most importantly, make a profit faster.


Publications in the crypto media help businesses shape the demand for the product. Thus, 78% of readers are ready to get acquainted with brands and try new products from B2C and B2B.

Also, the placement of articles helps to build the brand’s reputation and, in the long term, lays the foundation for increasing the loyalty and profit of the company for many years. You do not have to hire an entire PR department to do this. We will do this!

The RE: SPOND team offers to post articles about your business at partner sites at prices below the market offer. We will write articles, select the media, agree on publications and provide transparent reports on the work results.
What we offer
We publish the next day
Thanks to partnerships with cryptocurrency media, we are ready to offer quick posting of articles on several sites at once the very next day after your application.
Exclusive accommodation at a price below the market
During our work, we have built partnerships with various crypto media that allow us to post publications on more favourable terms.
Individual approach to clients and publications
We offer one-time placement of the article on sites with small budgets and support for large PR campaigns in Russia and worldwide.
Posting of finished articles
We select crypto media for the topic of articles and business specifics. We agree on the placement and track the results of publications
Writing articles for your tasks
We write articles in various formats: press releases, features, interviews, review articles, and brand change. To do this, we entice specialized copywriters and create all the materials considering your expertise and current tasks. Materials are localizable to any language
Writing rating articles
The most popular article format is materials with collections of services or products that interest users. We will help you write such an article with your proposal for the leading positions
Placement on banners
For this publication format, you do not have to prepare an article since the advertising offer will be published in the banner part of the platform. We will create a banner ourselves, agree on the placement, and then prepare a report on the campaign results
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Filling the brief
On a joint call, we will ask questions related to your business to get the desired result. After it, you will receive a protocol for approval of the terms of reference.
Choice of media and topics for publications
We select cryptocurrency media for your business and coordinate an approximate list of sites with you. Many media outlets have a plan for the release of materials several months in advance, so we choose topics that will profitably reveal your business.
Writing texts
On coordinated topics, profile copywriters write articles in the correct language. Then, after all approvals, we send materials to the sites.
Publication and evaluation of results
Most sites publish materials the same day, but some prominent media outlets need 30 to 50 working days to post. Then, within 14 days of publication, we evaluate the results and collect data for a detailed progress report.
Examples of publications
In The DeFi Winter, 'Stable Coins' Looking Safer For Yield Investors
How to save on cryptocurrency exchange commissions
The First Financial NFT
Daniele Marinelli to Speak About Innovation at the World Economy Forum in Davos, Switzerland
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About Agency RE:SPOND
Media publications are only one of the tools for promoting business. And we are ready to offer a comprehensive approach to achieving your goals.

We are strategists, marketers, analysts, targetologists, SEO specialists, copywriters, programmers, designers and managers who direct the creativity and intelligence of the team to achieve the client’s goals.

We have over 100 solved cases of lead generation and promotion on the Internet.
Some media on our Media List
There are more than 80 media outlets on our media sheet. So if you have a request for some media, and we do not have it on the list, then we can add it - it takes 2 to 5 working days
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