Promotion and advertisement for mobile apps

Order ads for your app on popular websites, attract new users and increase user loyalty
Promotional avenues
Increase app installs through various channels: Yandex, Google, Instagram, Facebook, VK, MyTarget and 10 more channels
Propel your app into Top 5 with a custom-made strategy that optimizes your visuals, copy, and other elements, and maximizes conversion rate
Get your app to the top of the relevant search suggestions on App Store and Google Play
App advertising
ASO optimization
Keyword advertising
Attract attention to your app with opinion leaders on YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, TikTok
Improve your UX/UI based upon our expertise and analysis of real-world user interactions
Get to know your TA better, increase retention rate, improve monetization, and app installs through in-app analytics
Influencer promotion
Usability audit
Brands who trust us
Advanced app analytics
Perfect your app's internal processes: storage architecture, data collection, analytics, and forecasting
  • Audit for your processes and data sources
  • Development strategy for your analytics department (staff, objectives)
  • Strategy for building analytics reporting system (key metrics, datapoints)
About Us
We help our clients increase sales and awareness.
We are strategists, marketers, analysts, seo specialists, ppc specialists, copywriters, programmers, designers and managers who direct the team's creativity and intelligence to achieve the client's goals.

We are always looking for new promotion tools.
With us, all new solutions that are still unknown to competitors will already work for you and bring you profit. We will study the market in detail and select the most effective ways to promote your business. And you will receive an incoming stream of leads.

We don't just configure your ads, we get you new users with:
  • Online advertising
  • CRM implementation
  • Website development
  • YouTube marketing and production
credentialed professionals
of clients come from referrals
clients from various fields
3 reasons to choose us
Even the best app on the planet needs promotion, and we know a thing or two about it
  • 10 years of experience in advertising

    We have made over 100 customers happy with our expertise in promoting various goods and services, and we are excited to make it work for your app
  • Pay for results

    You can choose your payment scheme: we use a fixed CPA rate (pay for app installs)
  • Target audience only

    Fine-tuned ads aimed at your target audience only: no reward-driven freeloaders coming for sign-up bonuses, which means you get quality users at a high retention rate
Want to increase your user count and retention rate?
Schedule a free consultation where we'll discuss a proper development strategy for your app
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